2019 Calendar Submissions

*** Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. College applicants are now able to submit due to our NON-PROFIT status and NCAA regulation. ***

Here is your chance to be in the 2019  Vaulter Magazine Calendar! A prestigious annual contest where Vaulter Magazine will put together a 2019 Calendar series with all ages together calendar package.

Middle School

High School




Clubs – Make a club one for just your Club Team and its members!  All you need is 12 pages of athletes..

Groups / Teams with Poles

We want your best foot forward and the best image that you have representing the month of your choice.  If there is snow, put December or February down as your month of choice. 

If you have an Easter, Summer/Beach, October, Halloween, or whatever, send it over! Most of all have some fun and send us your best pole-vaulting picture.

This opportunity can be whatever you would like it to be; candid, formal, group, artistic, standing tall, representing, and so much more.

We are actively seeking advertisers to place their logos on every calendar section of our calendars. Your logo will be seen next to the day squares of the month for 12 straight months.

*** The Image has to be 1mb in size or larger ***   Images will be cropped to 12.25″ x 12.25″ at 300 dpi

If you do not make it try again. Many times you did not read above and the image is too small for printing.

Have fun and submit below! 

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By checking this box you know that this information will be posted on our website/Magazine/Social networks for reference on-line and used for a yearly calendar. If your image is used from a photographer you MUST have permission for use and credit by the photographer. The sender accepts all responsibility in this matter. Consent is implied and given.

Additional Notes

Please upload one image for the calendar here.

*** ONE (1) IMAGE HAS TO BE AT LEAST 1MB in SIZE , Any image smaller than 1MB will be skipped***