CSU Field House, Fort Collins , CO  December 15

Youth Girls Pole Vault
1 Josie Spitz                                       2.00m

Youth Boys Pole Vault
1 Sam Lawton                                        2.00m


Intermediate Girls Pole Vault
1 Megan McCabe                                      3.35m
2 Anisha Alvarado                                   2.60m

Intermediate Boys Pole Vault
1 Michael Chado                                     3.50m
2 Zac Ray                                           3.35m

Young Women Pole Vault
1 Addy Neibauer                                     3.50m
2 Lauren Brunsdale                                  3.05m
3 Anna Loken                                        2.90m
4 Rebecca Rosenblum                                 2.60m
5 Megan Robinson                                    2.45m
6 Anna Megenhardt                                   2.30m

Young Men Pole Vault
1 Jordan Hatfield                                   4.10m
2 Nate Forest                                       3.95m
3 Austin Kiel                                       3.65m
4 Connor Watkins                                    3.35m

Open Women Pole Vault
1 Lacey Henderson                                   2.00m

Open Men Pole Vault
1 Andrew Zollner                                    4.55m
2 Dillon Manzanares                                 4.40m
3 Nick Dalton                                       4.25m

Masters Men Pole Vault
1 Geoff Lawton                                      3.20m
2 Mike Ritter                                       2.45m
3 John Jesmer                                       2.15m

from: http://co.milesplit.com/meets/130964/results/229270/print


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