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Many stated that Vaulter Magazine would be a flash in the pan.  Here and gone!  We are coming up on issue 60 and heading for five (5) years of pole vaulting entertainment.

On behalf of the management of VAULTER Magazine, it is my pleasure to offer this advertisement opportunity. Without much ado, the whole essence of this offer is to introduce these advertising rates to your organization.

VAULTER Magazine is an organization that specializes in pole vault related news, articles, camps, clubs, photos, and more on a routine monthly basis.

In our magazine and on our website, you will be dazzled by the array and display of pole vault related information and images. Some of our vaulters include high school, collegiate, Masters, Olympian, coaches, clubs, camps and more. In addition, it will interest you to know that we offer advertising for a very low cost to your company.

Once you’ve decided to grab hold of this opportunity, give us a call at 951-445-2598 or e-mail us at so we can discuss the opportunities offered.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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