America’s Largest Pole Vault Meets

For those of us whose ideal vacation includes pole vaulting, here’s the largest gatherings of vaulters in the United States – Canada.  East-West-North-South all regions are represented.

The list is ranked by number of flights.  A flight is a vaulting competition group that shares a runway for a session. So… if there were 2 runways, and they ran 4 sessions using both runways, there would be 8 flights.  Biggest Flight = largest number of vaulters that have to share one runway for one competition group.

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Texas Elite PV Expo Explosion, Belton, TX

Dec 29, 2017


5 runways, 19 flights, 215 vaulters, biggest flight 17

2018 Champions Annie Rhodes-Johnigan (Waco) 4.40 and Jake Wooten (Texas A&M) 5.38

Meet Director: Jack Chapman, Texas Elite PV

Meet Website

Grand Haven Beach Vault, MI

July 14-15, 2018


2 runways, 16 flights, 294 vaulters, biggest flight 28

2017 Champions Kristen Hixson 4.41, Sean Young and Mike Vani 5.18

Meet Directors: Kevin Patterson and Dave Emeott 

Meet Website

Port Aransas Beach Vault, TX

June 15, 2018

3 runways, 12 flights, 171 vaulters, biggest flight 19

2018 Champions Anicka Newell (Puma – Canada) 4.60, Audie Wyatt (Texas A&M) + Tray Oates (Atlanta Gymnastics) 5.48

Meet Director: Greg West

Meet Website

Akron Pole Vault Convention, OH

Jan 6, 2018


4 runways, 10 flights, 132 vaulters, biggest flight 20

2018 Champions Katie Nageotte (Adidas) 4.56, Matthew Ludwig (Akron) and Shawn Barber (Nike) 5.35

Meet Director: Dennis Mitchell, Akron University

Meet Website

Dauphin Street Vault, Mobile, AL

July 20, 2018


1 runway – 2 pits, 9 flights, 150 vaulters, biggest flight 23

2017 Champions: Anicka Newell, Devin King

Meet Director: Drew Bentley

Meet Website

Charlotte Street Vault, Charlotte, NC

July 20, 2018

runway, 8 flights, 99 vaulters, biggest flight 15

2017 Champions: Sandi Morris (Nike) 4.63, Scott Houston (Vault House) 5.78

Meet Directors: Jim Vahrenkamp, Kyle Wolfe, Aubrey Hilliard

Meet Website

Vault in the VILLE, Louisville, KY

July 27, 2018


1 runway, 7 flights, 96 vaulters, biggest flight 20

2017 Champions: Katie Nageotte (Adidas) 4.55, Jeff Coover 5.65

Meet Director: Chip Heuser, Kentucky Elite Athletics

Meet Website

Jersey Jumps Beach Vault, Seaside Heights, NJ

August 3, 2018


2 runways (2015 photo), 6 flights, 181 vaulters, biggest flight 42

(Sat: HS Girls 38, HS Boys 36, HS Championship Girls 19, Boys 22, Sun: women 24, men 42)

2017 Champions Marlee Sabatino (APEX) 3.65, Peter Roach (APEX) 5.02

Meet Director: Mike Pascuzzo, Vertical Adventures

Meet Website

Rochester Rockback Beach Vault, NY

August 10, 2018


2 runways, 6 flights, 120 vaulters, biggest flight 27

2017 Champions: Keith Reiter (Tiffin Coach) 4.85, Kat Pitman (TCPVC), Emily Gallagher (TCPVC) 3.70, Bethany Cripps (Empire PVC) 3.70

Meet Director: Andy Fetzner, Rochester Rockback

Meet Website

River Vault, LaCrosse, WI

July 1-2, 2017  – on a barge on the Mississippi River

1 runway, 6 flights, 99 vaulters, biggest flight 21

2018 Champions: Kristen Hixson (Grand Valley State Alum) 4.11, Jeff Coover (North Iowa coach) 5.02

Meet Director: Jeremiah Burish, La Crosse Track Club

No longer the Barge Vault, old image!

Meet Website

Brit’s Pub Vault, Minneapolis, MN

August 31, 2019


1 runway, 6 flights, 65 vaulters, biggest flight 16 (13 men and 3 women masters!)

2017 Champions: Sophie Gutermuth 4.15, Scott Houston (Vault House) 5.30

(The people at the Twin Cities Track Club, and Brits Pub Vault have made the sad decision to take a year off from the event. )

Meet Website

Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Summer Meets

June 29, July6, and August 8, 2018

California Summer Meets

3 runways, 1 flight, 45-60 athletes

Largest Summer Meet in California

Meet Director: Doug Bouma

Meet Website

DC Vault, Washington, DC

July 8, 20187

Open Competitions

  • 2:30pm EP Warmup (optional)
  • 2:30pm-3:30pm Competitor Check-in (NO LATE CHECK-IN!)
  • 3:00pm Runways Open for Warmups

Elite Competition

  • Women’s Entry Standard: 4.0 meters
  • Men’s Entry Standard: 5.0 meters
  • 5:00pm-6:00pm Check-in (NO LATE CHECK-IN!)
  • 5:30pm Runways Open for Warmups

Meet Website

Texas Relays, Austin, TX

March 28, 2018


11 flights, 182 vaulters, biggest flight 24

2017 Champions: Jenn Suhr (Adidas) 4.73, Armand Duplantis 5.90

Meet Website

Texas Relays accepts open entries, but to get an entry for a guy you need to have a PR of 17-6 or better, and for a girl 14+, only around 25 of the vaulters are open-entry, the rest on school teams, that’s why it’s at the bottom of this list.  But… it’s a huge gathering of vaulters (and all of track & field) so a good spectator event.

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