DONATE today and help sponsor a school and their athletes with new poles and pits. Your tax-deductible donation will help schools, clubs, and camps buy pole vaulting poles, pole vaulting pits, and more. You tax-deductible donation will come with a letter of approval and Tax ID for writing off this donation.

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Now is the time to make a difference! People ask what they can do to support the sport of pole vaulting and now you know. Help us help them with our efforts.


We have made it easy for you to help fund Vaulter Magazine and their cause with FIVE CONVENIENT METHODS TO GIVE so you can help us Bring The Sport Back To Life. For any questions, please contact us online or by telephone on our Toll-Free Number: 1-877-743-3052.

  1. Mail: Mail a check to the Vaulter Magazine, 32207 Yosemite St, Winchester, California, 92596, made out to Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc.
  2. Online: Use our secure online donation form.
  3. Fax: Print our online donation form and fax to 951-325-5108 – Call or email before sending fax.
  4. E-mail: Send us an E-mail to with your request and we will respond.
  5. Telephone: Call us at 951-325-5108.

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Make a Challenge Grant

If you would like to make a substantial donation and challenge our readers to match you, please write to We will then challenge our readers to match your donation dollar-for-dollar.

Give Property, Stocks or Bonds

Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc. will put your cars, property, stocks or bonds to good use. Please write to for more information.

Non-Monetary Assistance

You can help by recommending Vaulter Magazine to your friends, forwarding them our stories, and sharing our stories on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Why Make A Donation?

Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit news organization. Vaulter Magazine was formed for exclusively charitable and educational purposes. Specifically, Vaulter Magazine educates the general public about the sport of pole vaulting in youth sports, helping children with after school activities, providing a release for children to stay active, a monthly magazine, a pole vaulting club, pole vaulting gymnastics, and track meets geared toward athletic fulfillment.

Vaulter Magazine would like to bond the experience and achievements that Olympic Sports and athletes have in common. Bringing Olympic Hopefuls and Olympians together to share their experiences to these children through the world of pole vaulting.

Vaulter Magazine sponsors an after-school club named Vaulter Club. Interested members of the general public gather, usually four times a week to exercise and learn the sport of pole vaulting through peer involvement and coaching. This club brings children and parents together from all age groups to enjoy the sport of pole vaulting.

Signing up to give a recurring monthly donation is the most effective way to strengthen our organization, and enables us to improve our service and increase our impact. By committing to support us each month, you will allow us to spend less time on fundraising and more time fulfilling our mission.

A monthly donation is like a tax-deductible subscription to a virtual magazine.

Aside from the satisfaction of supporting a good cause, you will also receive fewer donation messages.

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Donate Today!

When you donate to Vaulter Magazine you foster respect and appreciation for pole vaulting athletes by granting life enriching wishes. Below are some examples of how far your donation can go. No contribution is too small or too large. Whatever you can donate makes a difference:

  • $1,000 sends a multiple kids to camps with the poles they need to jump higher
  • $400 covers an airline ticket to fly them to important meets and summer camps
  • $200 covers food for campers and necessary accessories
  • $100 covers the opportunity for a pole vaulter to come to our camps for free
  • $50 covers free pole vaulting events like Friday Night Vaulting or other entry fees
  • $25 covers the price of medals and ribbons for the next big event

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Help us get the athletes and children to the camps this summer. Some of us never use our miles, and they are just sitting in our accounts! Please talk to us and help us get them in the kids’ hands today!