Florida Clubs







Club Name: Florida Pole Vault Academy

Club Location: Tampa, FL

Contact Phone Number: 813-610-5641

Club E-mail Address: floridapolevaultacademy@gmail.com

Club Dates: Year round full time training, and monthly weekend camps

Club Price: $100 per month for full time. $200 for weekend camps

Club Specifics: The FPVA hosts a year round pole vault training program for all ages. Practices are 3-6 days per week and include an extensive strength and conditioning program. The FPVA also hosts monthly camps for those who cannot attend regular practices. These camps are all day Saturday and Sunday, and serve as an overview of all drills used to perfect each phase of the vault independently



Club Name: Thin Air Vault Club


Club Location: Longwood (Orlando) Florida


Contact Phone Number: (407)375-2679


Club E-mail Address: coachcashman2@aol.com


Club Dates: Year round


Club Price: $150/month


Club Specifics:

The Thin Air Vault Club is dedicated to developing young vaulters, not just in the height they jump, but in mastering the techniques to maximize their potential. We work with beginners through collegiate vaulters. We have been blessed to have had well over 30 state champions, and countless conference, district and regional champions, as well as 5 national Jr. Olympic champions!  Or motto: “We get Height, doing it Right!”.  Thanks to VaulterMag for promoting the sport and helping vaulters find competent help!