Boo Williams Sportsplex
Hampton, VA

Boys Pole Vault High School
1 Hockaday, Kyimon          12 Highland Springs      12-00.00#     3.65m  10
2 James, Dwight             10 Western Bran          10-00.00      3.04m   8
3 Little, Juan              11 Highland Springs     J10-00.00      3.04m   6
4 Ahlin, Zach               10 Tabb                   9-06.00      2.89m   5
5 Dennis, Justin            12 Highland Springs       9-00.00      2.74m   4
6 Kelly, Robert             11 Kings Fork             8-00.00      2.43m   3

Pole Vault High School
1 Wright, Chelsea           12 Western Bran           9-06.00     2.89m  10
2 Walter, Summer            12 Bayside High School   J9-06.00     2.89m   8
3 Matute, Lexi              12 Western Bran           7-00.00      2.13m   6


Pole Vault

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