2013 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships Status of Entries


Men Pole Vault – Men
Name Affiliation Mark Status
Brad Walker Nike 5.83m qualified
Sam Kendricks University of Mississippi 5.81m qualified
Andrew Irwin University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 5.70 qualified
Jack Whitt Oral Roberts University 5.70m qualified
John Prader 5.67 accepted
Jacob Blankenship Burn Vault Club 5.61 accepted
Jordan Scott 5.61m accepted
Mark Hollis Nike 5.60m accepted
Nick Mossberg 5.60 accepted
Michael Woepse University of California, Los Angeles 5.60 accepted
Sean Young 5.56m provisional
Dustin DeLeo 5.55m provisional
Victor Weirich Brigham Young University 5.55 provisional
Jake Winder Cardinal Vault Club 5.55m provisional
Shawn Francis 5.51 provisional
Sam Pribyl Mr 5.51 provisional
Kyle Wait Kansas State University 5.51m provisional
Mike Arnold 5.50m provisional
Nick Frawley U.S. Air Force 5.50m provisional
Nikita Kirillov Georgia Institute of Technology 5.54m not qualified
Alex Bishop University of Kansas 5.40 not qualified
Casey Bowen University of Kansas 5.40 not qualified
Josh Dangel 5.40 not qualified
Jeffrey Coover 5.55m


Women Pole Vault – Women
Name Affiliation Mark Status
Jennifer Suhr adidas 5.02m qualified
Kylie Hutson Nike 4.75m qualified
Mary Saxer New York Athletic Club (NYAC) 4.70m qualified
Janice Keppler 4.60m qualified
Lacy Janson Nike 4.53m qualified
Becky Holliday Asics 4.51m qualified
April Bennett Asics 4.50 qualified
Melissa Gergel Team Pacer 4.50 qualified
Morgann Leleux University of Georgia 4.50m qualified
Katherine Viuf 4.50 qualified
April Kubishta 4.45 qualified
Alexis Paine University of Alabama 4.45m qualified
Jade Riebold Eastern Illinois University 4.45m qualified
Katie Nageotte 4.44m provisional
Sandi Morris University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 4.43 provisional
Kayla Caldwell 4.40 provisional
Megan Jamerson 4.40m provisional
Kathleen Majester 4.40m provisional
Brysun Stately 4.40m provisional
Kaitlin Petrillose University of Texas at Austin 4.36 provisional
Mackenzie Fields 4.35 provisional
Mandissa Marshall 4.35 provisional
Sarah Pappas 4.35 provisional
Christen Guenther 4.31 provisional
Allison Koressel University of California, Los Angeles 4.31 provisional
Emily Grove Sr University of South Dakota 4.30 provisional
Angela Rummans 4.30m provisional
Leslie Brost North Dakota State University–Fargo 4.27 provisional
Natasha Masterson University of Texas at Austin 4.25 provisional
Vera Schmitz 4.41m info needed
Alexis Paine 4.45



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