2017 Long Beach State University Cover June 2017 Now Available

2017 Long Beach State University Cover June 2017

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June is here, and here’s a toast to warmer weather and clear skies throughout the Nation!

For June, we have Long Beach State University of the cover of the magazine. Read more as Brandon Hierholzer the head pole vault coach goes from a Long Beach Vaulter to the coach. He’s the next in line to follow up on a legacy that already included 8 NCAA Division I All-Americans in just three years. This is a program to follow and a team that has what it takes to put up some high numbers soon.

Kreager Taber writes about her experiences on her favorite pole, the yellow pole, and the one and only UST-ESSX pole vaulting pole. You can obviously tell that Kreager and others are very excited about this brand and the athletes that use them daily. If you haven’t tried one, try one today and see the difference this pole can make.

For our three-part series, you have Eliah Memmel with the second part of his article from Indiana Institute of Technology about the Development of Pole Vaulting Safety and Technology. This article is sure to get you thinking and give you a better understanding of the history of pole vaulting and where most injuries occur in the vault.

Thank you for following along, and we look forward to bringing you more articles, news, and information about the sport.

Doug Bouma,

Editor, Vaulter Magazine

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