His name is Jack Chapman, and he runs the Texas EXPO Express Meet in Belton, Texas. He has come to realize that not all kids can fly to the big meets, but many can drive down when the price is right, and join many other athletes at a very affordable price..
“The brainchild of retired police officer (35 years on the force), now Harker Heights juvenile detective and former vaulter Jack Chapman, the Expo Explosion just celebrated its tenth anniversary with the largest field of vaulters in its history. “We started out with 72 athletes that first year,” Chapman said, but to grow, “we’ve brought in some great people that help us build this event – Dick’s Sporting Goods, VS Athletics, Altius Poles, Richey Pits, Vaulter Magazine – to name a few.””
We are here to share his message and let you know what he wants to offer. He asked Vaulter Magazine to set up a 2019 Texas EXPO vendor inclusion opportunity for all vendors that would like to apply. Many people say they are all about the kids. Once you go to the EXPO, you will see what he means.

So far there are quite a few companies LARGE and small that want to join. Some of the tables and opportunities are free to occupy, and others cost depending on location. Space is limited, and so far we have posted on Instagram once, and many large companies have replied.
Criteria: Large, small, mini, or max it doesn’t matter. What matters is that your product fills the table, have some give away items, and spread the love and enjoyment of pole vault. Give the kids something to remember you and the event by! This may be the only time that these athletes get to interact with your company and we ask that you make it count.
It doesn’t matter what you sell or display as long as it’s pole vault related, approved, and for the kids. (Cool to include parents as well) Think out of the box and bring your favorite invention, product, or display, and do what you do best!  Now is your chance to finally get your name and your brand out there for the whole world to see. Chances like this don’t come around that often, especially in the sport of pole vaulting.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP 
Below you will find our map. There are four large green boxes under the Jumbotron that are paid tent space on the event floor. Max viewership from athletes and coaches. There are also four orange table spaces on the event floor as well that are open paid spaces. The yellow table spots are for FREE vendor opportunities. At these tables, your company will be seen the minute everyone walks in the door to register.

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