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*Translated from German


Progress has been made in Kira Grunberg: After already at the beginning of last week a certain flexibility in the arms of Kira Grünberg could be reported, the condition of the Tirolerin continues to improve.
Rehab-centre Bad Haring; 10. 9. 2015: Kira Grunberg has focused training through their daily exercises and the many self-employed a larger radius obtained in the two arms. Still has no control over the finger and Kira can therefore also not reaching movements. The arms themselves but you can already have a relatively controlled in certain directions. Kira Grunberg has in a short period of time and to adapt the system to the wheelchair well done and can therefore e.g. for lunch at a place outside of your ‘sick room’be pushed.

In the discussions with the various therapists and nurses have this great respect for the motivation and the setting of Kira Grünberg promulgated. The recent developments are Kira, the family and the environment great power, and it is to continue to make further progress.
Kira: “I’m here in Bad Haring good. The other patients, the nurses and doctors are totally nice. You get to meet very many people here have experienced the similar severe blows and we try to give each other. Sure here every day is hard work, but I have always put a lot of training and same focus now on my exercises. I grieve not the past but have accepted the new situation together with my environment and try to make the best of it. So do not worry about me, I get the nice out.”

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