So which of the top two will do better his senior year? First evidence,  Daven Murphree of Big Sandy Texas and Nick Meyer of Wichita, Kansas are tied at a PR in a meet of 16-7. Second,  Murphee made his big push his sophomore year going from 14 to 16.  Meyer’s big  jump came last year going 14 – 16-7. Third, consistency:  In last year’s outdoor season, Murphree never went below 16-0 and topped out at 16-7. Meyer started out the season at 15-7, dropped to 14-7,bounced up to 16-7 and ended at 15-5.



  • Daven Murphree   Senior
  • Big Sandy, Texas– Harmony HS
  • Nick Meyer, Senior
  • Wichita, Kansas –Bishop Carroll HS


  • Murphee; 16′ 7.00 Outdoor, 16′ 6.00 Indoor
  • Meyer  16′ 7.00 Outdoor; 14′ 0.00 Indoor


  • Murphee 16′ 0.00  Outdoor;14′ 6.00   Indoor
  • Meyer 14′ 6.00 Outdoor
Pole Vaulting
Pole Vaulting

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  • madmaxx

    October 29, 2012 - 3:05 pm

    Nick Meyer jumped 16’2″ from 74′ on Oct 6th in Jamestown KS.

    He also jumped 16’6″ at Oral Roberts on Oct.20th in Tulsa.

    Don’t forget Dylan Duvio from John Curtis in New Orleans. Right there at 16’6″.

    This should be another exciting year!

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