VAULTER magazine was founded on some basic principles that we hope will help the reader understand what our mission here at the magazine has become. In the past couple months, while we have compiled numerous articles and pages of interesting material for this issue of the magazine, and many issues to come, one main question is always asked.  Who is this and who is VAULTER magazine?

VAULTER Magazine consists of a group of pole vaulting enthusiasts who have come together to bring you, the pole vault community, your very own sport specific magazine. It really makes no difference who we are, because it’s not about us. It’s about the reader and the pole vaulter that make this great sport possible.  Without the vaulter, the coach, the school, or the event, none of this would ever be achievable.

The staff that makes VAULTER magazine possible has a background in coaching, pole vaulting, advertising, and life in general, but we are by no means experts in any of the previously mentioned fields. This is the reason we ask the professionals on the street and the experts in the field to give us the best stories possible so that we can deliver them straight to you. Your opinion counts and you can count on us to do our best to deliver that opinion.

With all of this said, this magazine is your magazine with the pole vaulter at the forefront of this mission. For years we have all wondered when we would see a magazine dedicated to the vaulter and now we have a start! We have something that we can build and nurture as a team effort for the good of all pole vaulters around the world. Let’s have fun, learn, and be challenged within the event of pole vaulting and have a magazine that shows what we are truly all about.

Remember that a picture is worth a million memories.  If you have a picture that you think would best represent this community of readers, please send the image or video in. The larger the image the better chance you will have to get that image placed in an article or feature.

Please feel free to contact VAULTER with any information that you may have pertaining to the vaulting community.



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