This will be our third year in the pole vaulting business with Vaulter Magazine. With that said, we would be nowhere without our advertisers and supports that work with us and help us each and every month to get this magazine off the ground.

When we started people highly suggested that we only have four issues a year because of the work load and the sport size. He we are making it happen monthly.

“Vaulter Magazine has always stated that it really makes no difference who we are, because it’s not about us, its about the reader and the pole vaulter that make this great sport possible. Without the vaulter, the coach, the school, or the event, none of this would ever be possible.”

With that said, please help us out and say thank you to our advertisers and supports that work so hard each moth to make this magazine possible.

Bubba Sparks

Penny Hanson

Rusty Shealy

Mike Cunningham

Stacy Dragila and Ian Waltz

Steve and Chris Chappell

Bruce Caldwell

Eddie Seese

Sadie Lovett

Derek Bouma

Our Magazine Subscribers world wide!



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