Advertising, Print Magazine, and Server Space!

New Server

What a week it has been! Starting last week the server for Vaulter Magazine was replaced with a dedicated cloud server.  Why a cloud server they ask? Well, the cloud server hosts a website with greater accuracy and speed. One thing that Vaulter Magazine was plagued with from the start was the slowness of their website. This is no longer the case, and with the changes we have, the web-space and speed that we need to deliver better images and faster article speed are now in place for your ease of use.

** Thanks to a few of our CONTRIBUTORS and their outstanding DONATIONS, we are able to bring this speed, size, and service to you for your reading pleasure. Without their help and monthly contribution and support to this magazine and this cause, we would not have the ability to make this monthly step!  Thank you again you know who you are! **

This is not easy for our team! We scourer the internet, social media sites, and other means to find articles, videos, nutritional information, how-to, and self-help information for the coach of the future and/or the future pole-vaulter.

So every bit helps, and if you can find the space in your funding to help us out, we will do our best to support the sport!

Finally yet importantly, we changed our domain name to instead of  Do not worry, if you type in either address you will get to the same place!

Print Magazine

The magazine is doing well; we plan to get to elite pole-vaulters after our next issue to mix it up a bit and bring some professional level vaulting to our cover. Next month in August, we have a great University and group of young vaulters that will lighten the cover of the magazine. University of Cincinnati! So stay tuned for some fun and excitement that you can read in the palm of your hand.

We know that a magazine is a dying breed to some and that handheld devices are the new wave.  Heck, we use our phones and iPads just like the rest, but there is nothing like sitting in the yard or under your favorite shade tree and reading a magazine with your son, daughter, or neighbor on the front cover and within.

          – Changes to the Magazine

From time to time, we will give the magazine away free on-line when we can afford to do so.  We have continued to do so for the last two months.  With that said, our magazine sales have plummeted and we understand that this would happen. Therefore, with that said, we will go back to only releasing partial parts of the magazine from time to time to maintain the magazine infrastructure.


We have new advertisers that are willing to help us fulfill our dream and make this sport come alive for the future of our children and this sport.  You will notice new banners from supporters such as Road Runner Sports, Starbucks,, O’Neal and many more.

It is inexpensive and people love it, so I hope to keep it that way!

Come join the pole vaulting revolution and help us help the pole vaulting community by GROWING THE SPORT. If other major sports like soccer and football can grow their sport and fill their rosters with the youth of America then so can we. Grow your clubs, camps, teams and more and show what we can do as a pole vaulting community!

Doug Bouma – Vaulter Magazine

Vaulter Magazine Seal
Vaulter Magazine Seal

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