In a blink, Matt Ludwig’s season was almost over.

Timing, though, was the difference, and the Lake Catholic graduate is thankful it played out in a way so that this weekend in Austin, Texas, has a chance to be memorable.

It could have gone the other way. At the May 3-4 Campbell/Wright Invitational hosted by the Zips, weather forced the meet to move indoors. During that transition, the landing area for pole vaulters wasn’t properly prepared, and that left an exposed area to the ground.

Unfortunately for Ludwig, as he completed a vault, he hit that exposed spot on his backside. It was a painful fall.

“I really thought, ‘I’ll just walk this off.’ ” said Ludwig on June 2 from Austin, Texas, the site of the NCAA Division I Track and Field Championship. “Then I took a few steps and was like, ‘That’s not happening.’ ”

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