ALBANY — The Alexander Local School Board will certify the district’s track coach to provide training in pole vaulting.

School board members approved the request during Wednesday’s meeting from Kurt Nostrant, of Albany. Nostrant said his daughter is interested in participating in the sport.

The district hasn’t offered pole vaulting since the early 1980s, when the regulations for what was considered a legal pole vault pit changed, said board member John Hutchison. To make it legal would have cost the district around $10,000 at that time, he added.

“I didn’t push much because pole vaulting was the single most dangerous event at that time,” Hutchison said.

New regulations have made it much safer, he said, and he’d be willing to explore the possibility of offering it again.

“I think it’d be wonderful if we could get that together,” he said.

The district would have to look into the costs for installing the pit and for the costs of the poles, which have to be the right length and weight for the particular vaulter. Because of those costs, it’s not likely the sport will be available this year, according to Nate Schaller, the district’s athletic director.

There are possibilities for the future, according to board members. The district is in early discussions with Holzer Medical Clinic about possibility of getting funding for a new practice facility and community wellness center.

As previously reported, the district hasn’t been told how much they can expect from Holzer, but the district has been asked to “shoot for the moon.” Under the current proposal, the complex includes two full-size gyms, a weight room and a second-story track.

The facility would allow students athletes to practice simultaneously. Currently, teams share the practice space and some students aren’t getting home until 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. The facility would also be open to the school staff and other members of the community.

Depending on how much money is offered to the district, the board said they may be able to work in the cost of new pole vault equipment.

“That could definitely be added to that project, if the money is right,” said Board Vice President Mike Chapman.

The district is scheduled to meet with Holzer on March 11.

For now, the board approved certifying the district’s track coach for pole vaulting. Nostrant and the Schaller will discuss the possibility of training the students at another school district.


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