Alysha Newman Cover of Vaulter Magazine out Today!

Alysha Newman Cover of Vaulter Magazine

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It’s May, and I swear this month will bring flowers for you and your track team. If not, find some and plant them for yourself for everyone to enjoy!

This month we have Alysha Newman’s Road to Greatness as the main feature. Follow along as she goes from a 100m hurdler to the sport that she loves today. She’s on a roll and as she keeps traveling and placing herself in the big meets for her home country of Canada. As promised when we met, Alysha wanted to be our first true Canadian on the cover, and the cover is where you will find her, as she makes her way to work for her Olympic Gold.

Kreager Taber comes to us with an article about an explosive approach and take-off before you even get off the ground. “Developing an Explosive Approach” This is the name of the game for this article and if you have what it takes you will follow along and achieve what you need to go big.

For our three-part series, you have Eliah Memmel with an article from Indiana Institute of Technology about the Development of Pole Vaulting Safety and Technology. This article is sure to get you thinking and give you a better understanding of the history of pole vaulting and where most injuries occur in the vault.

Thank you for following along, and we look forward to bringing you more articles, news, and information about the sport.

Doug Bouma,

Editor, Vaulter Magazine

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