Amesbury’s Heath King has a pretty simple approach when it comes to competing in the pole vault as he learned the technique from his older brother Garrett, who went on to compete for UMass Lowell.

In Saturday’s All-States Meet held at Fitchburg State, that approach paid off big time King cleared 12-9 to claim ninth place in the pole vault coming away with the top finish of any of the local track and field athletes.

The jump was a personal best by 9 inches.

“My brother tells me to run fast, jump high and pray,” said King, who competed at All-States for the second straight spring. “A lot of things have to go right but as long as you run fast and jump high most things should fall into place.”

King chose the pole vault because he was inspired by his brother and it’s taken a lot of dedication to get to the level he’s at today.

“It takes dedication because you have to take out all the mats by yourself when you want to practice,” said King. “You have to stick with it  from the beginning of the season to the end of season and get jumps in when you can because you don’t jump every practice.”

King wasn’t the only person from the Amesbury track team to compete Saturday.

Fred Halloran finished 12 in the 400 hurdles (58.1), Adam Elfiki was 15 in the high jump (15.6) and Amanda Martin was 17 in the triple jump (33-6).

“Heath had a tremendous day in the pole vault and Fred ran well in the low hurdles. They are both juniors and will be exciting to watch next year,” said Indians’ head coach Ernie Bissaillon. “It was also nice to see Amanda and Adam finish up their high school careers on a positive note on the biggest stage that our state has to offer for track and field. They will be missed.”




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