Here we are, 36 months later and still turning the pages of Vaulter Magazine. One day my son and I left the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California and had a vision of putting together a silly little magazine for the sport of pole vaulting.  Nothing spectacular, just something for people to read on their iPads and such. One thing led to another and the demand for a pole vaulting specific magazine was born.

Some warned us that there would not be a following strong enough to have an issue each month. Many stated that four issues a year would be enough and keep the community running along just fine. How would we ever fill the pages each month?

Now we are turning the page and heading for our fourth year. We try our best to keep it fresh and keep the pages turning. We appreciate all that the pole vault community has given to us as a magazine and how they have helped us achieve our goals and hopefully theirs as well.

On the cover this month is a club like no other. We had the wonderful opportunity to visit this club and witness the atmosphere of a lifetime.

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Doug Bouma

Executive Director, Vaulter Magazine


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