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The world of track and field has turned upside down with the savage release of the Corona Virus, Covid-19. Just when the season was getting started, a virus came along and wiped the entire track and field season off the map. High school season is on hold, but the way it looks, it will be canceled as well. Across the board and to include the 2020 Olympics, all paused. Where do we go now and how do we bounce back from this situation and maintain what we have spent so long building. Time will tell, and some of the information is within this issue of the magazine.

On the cover, we have San Diego State University that just had an epic indoor season, and then it all came crashing down. “With the NCAA’s recent decision to cancel all winter and spring championships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the future looks confusing for the Aztec vaulters.” These athletes are fighters, and they will be back stronger than ever for the next season.

The Covid-10 Corona Virus outbreak is all the rage, and the media cannot get enough. Kreager Taber writes about what happened and the whole situation that transpired. “On March 23rd, IOC spokesman Dick Pound confirmed that the IOC would act in accordance to athletes’ wishes, and that they would be delaying the Games.” What will happen when the next outbreak comes, do we do this all over again? Time will tell for sure.

John Clark comes to us with his travels and happenings with the sport from a master’s perspective. Although there is a shutdown, there is always hope in Texas. “Unfortunately, cancellations and postponements began to crop up shortly after many of those meets were announced, but Ben Ploetz was able to host an event at his Austin Pole Vault & Throws facility. A few days later, he decided to pull the plug on his second scheduled March meet, the Spring Fling.” At times it seems that nothing can hold Texas down.

The month of May will hopefully bring change to many parts of the U.S. and around the World. There will still be closures, and we will have more coverage for the sport.

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