April 2022 10th Anniversary Vaulter Magazine Issue

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What, 10 years already! Yep, this is the case and 10 more years here we come. I remember when we started the magazine like it was yesterday. No coverage for the sport and a lack luster attempt each year during the track and field season. If you watched a track and field event on television, you were certain to not see anything pole vault related except for small snippets of the winner. 120 issues later and we keep producing a high-quality magazine, social media outlets, a training facility, high caliber meets and more. All of this started 10 years ago this month, what a journey this has become.

“Doug and Derek were more than just dreamers—they were doers. They started a magazine titled The Vaulter, which focused on pictures and images that demonstrated the incredible feats that pole vaulters of all ages and all around the world were accomplishing. At first, since the pole vault community is very well-connected, the response that Doug and Derek received was “Who are these guys?” Once it became clear that the publication was unaffiliated and not trying to push an agenda, but rather to celebrate the sport itself, excitement was stirred up and the readership grew. Dropping the article “The,” the magazine then became known simply as Vaulter Magazine.” Thank you, Sara Wagenveld, your rock!

Coaches ‘R’ Us comes from a father that has a passion to see his daughters succeed. Part two with the first article coming in last month. “I stifled a laugh upon entering the cordoned pole vault area outside the stadium.  There they were, the usual lot of energetic coaches, each performing their demonstrative gestures and customized, quirky actions as they presented final pre-meet instructions to their athletes.  “Look at all these wannabe characters, carrying on like goofballs,” I thought.  “These posers oughtta just get out of the way and let these kids’ natural talents blossom.” Thank you, Daniel, always a delightful read.

Matt Barry is back, and he asks a simple question. Is It All Watered Down? ““The Nationals.”  This phrase is designed to highlight the nation’s youth talent at the highest level.  Competitors across the country come together to compete for the title of “national champion.”  In previous years, the Nike Indoor and Nike Outdoor Nationals were the big meets in the 90s.” Read more for this article is for you to decide. Thank you, Matt!

Next month is May and we have a coach in Northern California that coaches two amazing athletes. This will be a great cover and read! We will see you next month as the outdoor state starts to heat up.

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