Arizona Relays Entry List 2013

Men Pole Vault


Saturday 2/16/2013 – 10:00 AM

NJCAA O Qual:  4.50m

NJCAA I Qual:  4.35m

Name                                 Year School


1  Gustafson, Bradley            SO Central Arizona

2  Jones, Erwin                  SO Central Arizona

3  Lewis, Keith                  SO Central Arizona

4  Sandoval, Angel               FR Central Arizona

5  Gavin, Weston                 SO Glendale CC

6  Mathias, Chris                SO Glendale CC

7  Pimental, Nicholas            FR Glendale CC

8  Rotenberger, Joseph           FR Glendale CC

9  Sparks, Micah                 FR Glendale CC

10  Arseneau, Matthew             FR Paradise Valley

11  Kennedy, Tommy                FR Paradise Valley

12  Mangus, Dustin                FR Paradise Valley

13  Roessig, Steven               FR Paradise Valley

14  Stewart, Sayre                FR Paradise Valley

15  Thomas, Michael               SO Paradise Valley

16  Betton, Jarell                SO Pima

17  Fletcher, Eric                FR Scottsdale

18  Flores, Jacob                 FR Scottsdale

19  Munsey, James                 FR Scottsdale

20  Bellgardt, Leonard            SR Unattached


Women Pole Vault


Saturday 2/16/2013 – 12:00 PM

NJCAA O Qual:  3.20m

NJCAA I Qual:  3.05m

Name                                Year School


1  Jones, Shannon                SO Glendale CC

2  Dielman, Cara                 SO Paradise Valley

3  Groves, Ashley                SO Paradise Valley

4  Hageman, Courtney             SO Paradise Valley

5  Ingram, Jennafer              FR Paradise Valley

6  Brady, Dana                   NA UNAT-Scottsdale


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