Arnold claims the top prize in Henderson’s street vault

HENDERSON, Ky. — Just starting his path toward the Olympic dream, Nevada native Mike Arnold took the top prize in the men’s division of the Jammin’ and Jumpin’ Street Vault Saturday night on the Henderson riverfront.

Arnold, a recent graduate of Idaho State University where he was an All-American, won the title and the $1,000 top prized without missing an attempt. He was the only one of the seven male competitors to clear 18-1/2.

Arnold had to shake off a bad warm-up to get rolling. “I had a rough warm-up. It was one of those days — a slow warm-up or travel or something. It was good to get my legs back once the competition started,” said Arnold, who had the title in hand when missed two attempts at 18-8 3/4 that would have broken his personal record.

“I was getting tired so I decided if I was going to jump anymore I was going to make it worth it,” said Arnold, who grew up in Carson City, Nev.

Arnold, who has a goal of making the 2016 Olympic team, made his first trip to Henderson.

“To make this dream come true and push toward the Olympics I need to continue to compete. I was out this way and made the stop here. It was definitely worth it,” Arnold said.

April Steiner Bennett, who is making a push for one final trip to the Olympics, won the women’s competition after finishing second last year.

Steiner Bennett and Kayla Caldwell both cleared 14-1 1/4 and missed on three attempts at 14-9. Steiner Bennett took the title and the $1,000 first prize with the fewest misses.

Steiner Bennett, an Olympian in 2008 and an alternate on the 2004 and 2012 teams, said she will retire in a few more years to start a family but wants a shot at making the 2016 Olympic team.

The Yuma, Ariz., native was tested by Caldwell, who was a recent graduate of Division II Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Most of the competitors had to contend with a couple of delays. Vaulter Mike Morrison fell on his third attempt at 17-6 1/2. He missed the mat landing on his back and hip on the runway and was taken to Methodist Hospital by ambulance as a precaution. Morrison escaped serious injury and was back at the venue at the conclusion of the meet.

The event was delayed later in the competition to repair the runway.

The delays did affect the remaining competitors, Steiner Bennett said. “You’re trying to stay warm without doing too much to wear yourself out. I felt like on my last two attempts I lost my legs,” she said. “My stamina was challenged. Some days at my age I feel like I can’t do it, but obviously my training is paying off”

Katie Nageotte took third in the women’s division clearing 13-7 1/4.

In the men’s division, 2011 champion Mark Hollis took second and Scott Houston finished third. Both cleared 17-6 1/2, which was an outdoor personal record for Houston.

Women’s Masters: Karen Rieger, 7-6.

Men’s Masters: Chet Cladfelter, 14-0; Jamie Steffen, 13-6; Brandon Grass, 13-6.

Amateur division one: Peyton Resond, 10-0; Garrett, Suedekem, 10-0.

Amateur division two men: Tanner Goff, 13-0; Austin McKinley, 13-0; Dakota Maddox, 13-0.

Amateur division two women: Sierra Maddox, 11-6; Anna Posburgh 10-6; Morgan McIntre, 10-6.

Amateur division three: Jacob Sebastian, 15-6; Jagger Gran 15-6; Mark Hank 14-6.


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