Ask an Expert: Pole vaulting for fitness

I have talked in this space quite a bit about pole vaulting, and for good reason — learning that incredible sport not only helped me get back in shape, but also changed my life.

Back in January, I went to the National Pole Vault Summit in Reno, Nev., the largest event of its kind in the country. Pretty much anybody and everybody in the world of pole vaulting attends this three-day extravaganza of meetings, workshops, training sessions, exhibitions and competitions.

Attendees include young school kids from all over the country, collegiate vaulters, renowned coaches, former and current Olympians, world champions, world-record holders…and regular old-timers like me.

I sat 50 feet from the great Bob Seagren, the 1968 Olympic champion, as he delivered the keynote address during opening ceremonies. I ate breakfast one day with a guy named Simon Arkell, a two-time Olympian from Australia, and I met and shook hands with dozens of other world-class athletes from all over, including 79-year-old Masters world-record holder Don Isett of Texas.

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