‘Aspiring writer? – the VAULTER Magazine – needs Contributors’

‘Aspiring writer?  – the VAULTER Magazine – needs Contributors

Vaulter Magazine LLC. is looking for contributors to write about the wonderful sport of pole vaulting. Write as many articles as you would like on a daily basis and have our website as a platform for your well written original content.

As a contributor you can select all types and formats of pole vault related information to write about.

  • The Sport of Pole Vaulting
  • Pole Vault history
  • Pole Vault Nutrition
  • Sports Med
  • Workouts and Routines
  • Camps
  • Clubs
  • Inspirational pole vault stories
  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Coaching
  • Elites
  • Recruiting
  • Financial aid for the sport
  • Controversial Articles
  • and much more..

Once a month one of these articles will be selected and featured in our magazine for the world to read! The blog postings and articles have to be pole vault related and ready to launch when you submit them.

** Please note that this is not an avenue for you to sell or advertise your product or services.

Please contact ads@thevaultermag.com

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