Buzz Aldrin.  Now a sprightly octogenarian, Aldrin was talking about his memories of the moon landings, his former colleagues, Neil Armstrong and the surreal thought that he had been there.

Brought back rocks from the Moon and seen the Earth from far away – far away enough that it looked like a blue ball.  How did he get himself fit enough to be chosen for the Space Program, Evans asked- a fitness which had clearly helped him into healthy agedness? Aldrin replied that he had been a decent College athlete – a pole-vaulter – but that in preparation for the Space Program he’d worked on getting fitter still.  A pole-vaulter, I thought, incredulous.

The pole-vaulter who shot for the Moon, 384,399 kilometres away. A leap of calculated faith of somewhere around one light year, faster than the speed of sound .


buzz aldrin
buzz aldrin

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