Athlete Quotes: Devon Allen, Chaunte Lowe, Sam Kendricks, Brianna Rollins press conference


On sacrifices that were made to make it the Olympics…

“The sacrifices that you make set precedent for the rest of your life in sports. They become who you are. 10 years down the road I will see my sacrifices. We are athletes, and we live this life to try to represent ourselves professionally.”

“This particular year, it’s a matter of sacrificing at competitions. We have to arrive as our best at the Trials, out of respect to ourselves and all the other great competitors. That respect drives you to make leaps or have patience. Growing up in this event [pole vault] you have to take it one pace at a time, and my father has always helped me in regard to my own ability so that I don’t try to reach too far. When athletes reach too far they get hurt. That’s not always the case, sometimes it’s just unlucky, but it’s about having a plan and seeing yourself come along the journey.”

“I am very fortunate to have my father as my current coach, he has been coaching me my entire life and was my high school track coach.”

On Russian athletes not competing in the Olympics…

“In the vaults, Russians have always had a history of being very immaculate in the event, I can only express that I am kind of disappointed that this issue didn’t come to light sooner so that the clean athletes could shine through.”

“Being in an event that is defined by the rules that we compete by, it defines what makes a champion and what makes second place, and what makes a fair jump vs. what does not make a fair jump. We have to understand that this is the process of the sport has to go through in order to grow. More light being on this issue makes it so that everyone is along with the same standard. The IOC is a fully encompassing body and I think it needs to extend evenly to all areas of the sport. I am certainly unhappy that some of my [Russian] friends are not able to compete, I have no doubt in their ability to compete fairly.”

On his situation in the pole vault…

“Well, I think that the pole vault in the world, and in the stadium is a very fluctuating thing. We can certainly be competing professional but the rest of us are young athletes, the Shawn Barbers, the Tiago Braz da Silvas of the world, those PR’s right there are impressive in itself this year. Those are the guys that are coming up this level game and in 2020 and the competition is very open. The pole vault is a very climate/conditions based event. We all know are limits but it depends on the day and conditions of the meet to see how everyone will do. I know at this particular time we all have made sacrifices to come and are the most prepared, so I think the event itself is a very open advantage and everyone will have the be the most competitive to compete.”

On his service in the army reserve…

“In 2015, I graduated from the University of Mississippi in commission of second lieutenant in the [United States] army reserve. I am currently with my unit and youngest intensity in the six-55th motor transportation company. Those guys are really proud of me and have given me every chance to continue as a civilian. I am certainly looking to represent the Americans on two fronts, as a military man and as a US athlete.”

On the first few days of the Olympics…

“We all recognize that track & field competition athletics is going to come at the end of the games, because you can sum it up in a week and a half. It is one of the classic events and one of the most classic sports in the Olympics. I think it’s spot, more than any of the [other] games, is in the climax”

“After I’ve turned home from London. I went back home to train for a week and a half. I wanted to approach the games at my most ready. The last few competitions I had were to, as my coach would say ‘home the anchor’ and to make sure we were are most sharp against several other competitors. But it came in a time period where we wanted to arrive at the village with the ability to rest. Five days outside of the competition you have been training for ten years, it’s not that long of a rest. ‘You will not become any less of an athlete you know how to pole vault,’ he says so I trust him in every regards in that respect.”





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