Renaud Lavillenie is the le roi de pole vault. In 2012, Lavillenie has won the World Indoors (March), the Euro champs (June) and now the Olympics (August). He wants victory in the Samsung Diamond League as well. 

« Yesterday I flew in a helicopter to reach the youth training. It was an amazing gift from Jacky Delapierre.”

“Flying a helicopter is quite new to me whereas I have been pole jumping for the past 20 years. Flying a helicopter requires an intense concentration and a lot of finesse.”

“After my good results of the season, I have my feet back on the ground. I have been relaxing and have not trained much lately reflecting on what I have achieved throughout the season. Now, I just want to enjoy myself.”

Clearing 5,92m which is 1 cm higher than the meeting’s record is something I think about, but it is not my primary objective. My main objective is to earn points to remain at the top of the Diamond League ranking. I know myself, I will work hard towards it.”

“If the Germans push me, I will compete hard against them. But it would be good to have other competitors as well.”

“I had four objectives at the beginning of the season: Indoor World Championships, European Championships, Olympic Games and the Diamond League. My motivation still remains intact because I can now focus only on the last objective. I also want to give my best before the September holidays.”

“The end of the season depends not only on my preparation but also on my past performances. I was quite surprised to clear 5,83m during my last meeting whereas I was hoping to clear 5,70m. As it is a technical discipline, I manage to perform well even though I am tired. I know myself well enough to know when I should stop training to avoid injuries”

“I am not afraid of jumping. One does not clear 6m overnight, it is a progressive process. The risk of breaking the vault is part of the game and I try not to think about it.”

“I do not dream about breaking the record but rather about the perfect jump.”

“I have the ability to adapt to various situations. This summer I have encountered various conditions during the meetings. As I do a lot of jumping during practices, it allows me to adapt. At the beginning of the season I was one of the few who cleared 5m80. Following this, my competitors have improved and their performances have got closer to mine. As I continued to progress, my performances are still slightly above those of my competitors.

by: Larry Eder


Renaud Lavillenie
Renaud Lavillenie

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