August 2017 Campo High School

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August is a month for Summer Camps, Training and many different types of vaulting events in the sun.

For our club and many others throughout the United States, we are traveling to Kansas for the 2017 USATF National Junior Olympics. This event takes place each year and offers the youth a chance to participate and qualify for a big summer track and field meet.

This month we have Campo High School on the front cover with all of Coach Meledy and his Pole Vaulting Team. “Coach Tim Meledy has a lot of experience under his belt, and is not nearly finished spreading his expertise. He lived the evolution of pole vault, competing in high school with old-fashioned equipment, now only seen in the history books.” Jumping old school was the name of the game for this coach. His expertise and story are sure to entertain.

Did you know who the first Olympic Gold Medalist for the United States was? Soon you will, and an interesting read will follow with Steve Yockim this month. Steve takes you back into to time when the sport was young.

Kreager Taber brings her insight into the world of pole vaulting and the Diamond League. “Recently, the IAAF, or the International Association of Athletics Federations, has hosted Diamond League meets in Sweden, France, Switzerland, Italy, and the United States.”

Next month we will showcase one of the best pole vaulting clubs in the United States. As we head back to school and college, we will look at three of the best clubs in the Nation. Stay tuned, and we press right into the fall season!

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