August 2023 High School Nationals Magazine

August 2023 High School Nationals

Welcome back to Vaulter Magazine! We’re thrilled to have you here again. In our latest ventures, we journeyed to Eugene, Oregon for the exhilarating U20 and USA Nationals meet. The event was nothing short of exceptional, and the venue itself proved to be the perfect stage for such thrilling competitions. In this issue, we’ll delve into the captivating highlights of these meets, along with other exciting updates within the world of sports. Stay tuned for an issue packed with all the latest and greatest news about the sport!

On the Cover:

In this month’s edition, we proudly present the 2023 High School Nationals on our cover. While we frequently discuss the Nike Nationals, it’s important to acknowledge that there are other national events as well. However, it’s worth noting that the heights vaulted at the Nike Nationals are truly remarkable and set a high standard for the sport. Join us as we explore the outstanding performances from the High School Nationals and delve into the impressive achievements of athletes who have soared to new heights at this prestigious event.

Coaching Your Athletes to Coach Themselves, by Abbey Hope:

In this insightful piece, Abbey highlights the importance of empowering athletes to recognize and rectify their own mistakes during pole vaulting competitions. While coaches can offer guidance and expertise, they cannot fully experience what the athlete feels during a vault. By teaching athletes to analyze their performances and make adjustments, they gain the confidence to make critical decisions in high-pressure situations. Abbey shares a personal experience of how self-awareness and learning from past advice led to a gutsy decision, resulting in a state championship victory. Emphasizing the symbiotic coach-athlete relationship, the article stresses the value of collaboration and continuous learning. By encouraging athletes to review practice footage and identify mistakes and solutions, coaches can foster a stronger bond and elevate their athletes’ performance on the vault.


Pole vaulting demands a unique combination of strength, technique, and speed for success, with many experts considering speed to be the most pivotal factor. Speed aids in generating momentum for clearing the bar, making adjustments while approaching the take-off point, and overcoming pole resistance. Vaulters must work on sprinting mechanics, plyometric exercises, strength training (being cautious of excessive muscle mass), and cardiovascular conditioning to enhance their speed. Achieving high speeds on the runway is challenging but essential for achieving greater heights in pole vaulting.

Mark your calendars for an exhilarating experience as we journey into the heart of Eugene, Oregon, next month! We’re thrilled to bring you extensive coverage of the U20 meet and USA Nationals 2023, featuring high school, college, and professional competitions all in one electrifying event. Don’t miss out on witnessing the finest athletes showcasing their skills on the vault and competing at the highest level. It’s an unmissable celebration of talent and athleticism that promises to leave you inspired and amazed!

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