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Vaulter Magazine is going to VAULTCON

Now is the time to get out the house and hit the road for 2021. This weekend will be filled with learning experiences, innovative technical practice, and fierce competition. We encourage you all to take advantage of every opportunity during VaultCon to expand your knowledge of the sport.  Seek out…

Pole Vault Pole Break Fail

Vaulter Magazine Pole Vault Pole Break Fail. Although the sport is a safe sport, the breaks do happen. They came from Oregon looking for 17′ PR and the pole shattered. #gymnastics #polevaultgymnastics #youtubeshorts #youtubeshort #polevault #polevaulting #vaultermagazine #vaulterclub #teampolevault #polevaultfamily #trackandfield #gymnasticsdrillsforpolevault #gymnasticsdrill

Learn To Coach Your Kid Camp

REGISTER TODAY! This is a camp for the parent or coach that wants to learn how to coach their athlete. Many parents and parent coaches ask us how to coach their athletes all of the time. This camp is dedicated to answering these questions and guiding you through the process.…