“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”  Leo Tolstoy

Kids and adults alike are giving us a fuss! How do we keep up with all of the calendar submissions? Better yet, how are all of our Instagram follows able to keep up.

We love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Some doubt the ability of a normal kid in small-town America and their voice to be heard. When 
they see themselves gracing the cover, pages, and history of pole vault, the doubt is all over.           

This is what we do and what we have done for the past six years with the Vaulter Magazine Pole Vault Calendar. Parents, adults, Masters, kids 
and more love to see themselves for 30 days straight and one heck of a way to capture that moment in time.

We cannot hesitate to thank all of those picture takers, hard-working coaches, and families that make up the perfect moment to highlight 
that big event. Vaulter Magazine is just the tool used to get your feeling across and show your love for the sport.

We can't thank you enough as we embark on the 2020 Olympic year. Your love shows through your support heading into this calendar year!

You can CLICK THIS LINK TODAY and submit your entry. We have no preference in the type of pole vault picture. There are some guidelines so it 
isn't kicked back.
If you joined us at many of the meets that we attend and we took your picture, you can find it by clicking here and submitting the image.


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