Boys High School Series Two Calendar Available Now!

Come check out some of the best and most exciting images from our 2016 Boys High School Series Two Calendar available now in our Vaulter Store.
We are very blessed to have a couple awesome photographers that have helped us along the way.

Tom “Drac” Williams and Rich Baum have featured some fun pole vaulters in action.  When you see these two guys please let them know what a shot for the calendar next year! All of the rest were either submitted, or we took the picture. Rich Baum will be at the Pole Vault Summit this year so get his attention!

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Listed below are the names of all participants in this calendar!

Asa Martin

Tyler Barker
Calvin Gould
Chris Rough
Nick Marino
James Pavlov
Matt Greenlaw
Caleb Sanford
Garrison Hughs
Robert Upton
Andrew Arlino
Derek DiBona
You can get yours today at our Vaulter Store!

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