Thursday July 12, 2012, at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, VAULTER Magazine was on hand and ready to watch the action.

The air was still and the sky was covered in clouds for a slightly hotter and somewhat humid day. Everyone around the runway was anxiously waiting and speaking of the elusive tailwind that failed to show it’s strength. Calm and cool Brad waited for that tailwind as long as he could, and without a thought he was coming down the runway.

Brad jumped his season best of 5.90, and well over the top of the bar. The excitement was so thick you could cut it with a knife, and the crowd clapped for the humble Olympian as he made his way off the pit. The video of the jump is out; the excitement is in the air and the opinions of how and what Brad jumped fill the Internet rumor mill like the plague.

Afterwards Brad Walker had a lengthy interview with NBC Sports, and when he finished VAULTER Magazine was next up for a sit down interview.

Sitting down with Brad was an honor for us and the fact that Brad was a true gentlemen and an outstanding athlete on and off the runway made the event that much better.

Brad talked about walking in the opening ceremonies, the excitement of the Olympics, his competition, and mental preparation, “I want to go head to head with the best jumpers in the world at their best and take them down, that’s my goal.”

Watch the full interview here.

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