Brad Walker Pole Vault Camp Coming to Arizona

Yes you’ve read it right, the eight time United States Champion will have a camp for spring campers to join. Just a quick trip from Arizona or California in Vaulter Magazines case, and you can train with some of the best that the pole vault world has to offer.

Brad Walker – Dean Starkey – Jill Starkey -Nick Mossberg – April Steiner Bennet – Dustin Deleo – Annie and Kasey Burlingham, just to name a few of the coaches and contributors of this top notch camp.

It is official and no longer an urban myth or water-cooler conversation! The date is set for March 13th – 15th, 2013, and the fun and games will soon follow. This is a three-day event,” covering the fundamentals and how every phase from proper pole carry, to pole drop to plant mechanics, lead to success or failure later on in the jump! It’s a domino effect!!!”

Only $300 for day campers and $395 for overnight campers for this event; sure to be a fun packed pole vaulting adventure under the stars. For the adventurous fun seekers, there will be bonfires, camping, swimming, BBQ, Lawn Games, and movies. Because Vaulter Magazine has visited this site, the fun is sure to meet your expectations.

Come learn from what the best have to offer, run, pole carry, take off, swing, video analysis, strength training, nutrition, and pole vaulting drills.

Come for the skills or come for the fun, we are sure that you will receive both at this event. Most likely the space is limited and the knowledge is not, so sign up as soon as possible and have the spring camp of your life!

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Brad Walker Camp Vaulter Magazine
Brad Walker Camp Vaulter Magazine

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