Bubka: “World records can fall in Moscow”

The IAAF Vice-President and the candidate for the IOC presidency Sergey Bubka shares his expectations for Moscow 2013 and thoughts on Lavillenie’s potential.

– You are the Organisational Delegate for the IAAF World Championships that will be held in Moscow this August. What is your estimate of the preparation progress and what are your main concerns?

Sergey Bubka (SB): You know, I visit Moscow very often. Yes, I supervise the organisation process, but I must admit that I don’t have any major concerncs or doubts. Everything goes according to plans. If any issues arise they are being resolved right away. The event is supported at all the levels, beginning with the federal one. In addition to that, Russia has been hosting major competitions for a few years now. They have the expertise, the skills, the staff has adapted to the team work, The LOC isn’t scared by the number of participaning countries – over 200! I want to underline that the same applies to the Universiade. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin is monitoring the organisation process. I’m sure that both the World Championships and the Univesiade will be held at the highest level possible. Just as everyone is expecting. It can’t be any other way.

– What kind of performances do you expect to see in Moscow? Will we have a chance to witness the World records? Would be great if the young athletes had a chance to display themselves…

SB: I believe there is a chance to see the World records fall. It is the most important competition of the season. And there are always young athletes emerging during the first post-Olympic year. They are young, daring, they don’t know and they don’t want to know that those World records are so high that no one can approach them. They think they can at least try to break them. I can remember myself being this audacious during my early years.

– If I’m not mistaken you won your first World Championships being just 19 years old.

SB: That’s what I’m talking about. Young athletes can win. They will gain more experience later. And may keep on winning then.

– You are being asked this question for quite a few years now, but it’s still relevant: do you see anyone who’s capable of breaking your record?

SB: Yes, such athletes appear from time to time. Now I see someone like that even clearer than before. The Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie is consistently jumping over 6.00 m.

– His personal best is 6.03.

SB: So what? Renaud is the leader that we didn’t have before. He gained consistency, won numerous titles and became more confident. I don’t like to make predictions though. We’re just reflecting upon chances, possibilities here. Just come to Luzhniki in August and you’ll see what happens with your own eyes.

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