California allows High School and Club to train and COMPETE together for 2021

CIF State Office released a statement after clarifying some important issues California Department of Public Health.

“1)   Student-athletes who participate on their high school team can also practice and compete with an outside team during the high school season of sport during the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. (Waiver of CIF Bylaws 600-605.) However, please be advised that CIF Bylaw 504.M still applies, which prohibits any association of any kind between student-athletes and their coaches on a Sunday, whether it is with the high school team or an outside team, during the high school season of sport.”

“Student-athletes who wish to participate in more than one high school team or coaches who coach more than one high school team on their campuses during the same season of sport may do so if they choose. (CDPH Guideline recommending, not mandating, limiting student-athletes and coaches to participating in one cohort at the same time.)”

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