Thank you for visiting our pole vault camp page!  Here you will find our interactive map where you can search for camps in your area. If you have a camp that you would like listed please fill out the form below.

***Protect Your Kids and Athletes ***

Make sure that your pole vault coach and all volunteers have a background check.

1. Through high school coaching and currently coaching at a high school. – or –

2. USATF Coach with current background check and active club for all coaches.  – or-

3. AAU Coach with current background check and active club for all coaches.

4. NCAA and others for coaching the sport of pole vault.

People prey on kids, please make sure you scub your local coaches carefully. If they are a guest, a stand in, or a parent, make sure they are screened properly before coaching your kids. These clubs are just a listing and not a check for quality.

The same camp directory that we started in 2012 and continue to maintain to this day. Many have copied and taken our information that we worked so hard for and passed it off as their own.

The map that we use is an open source Google Maps platform that anyone can use. We have had listings since 2012 that many websites have stolen from Vaulter Magazine and called their own. Thank you for sticking with us and the hard work that we have shown over the years.

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