Cheerleader Spotlight: Kat is Pole Vaulting her way to the Georgia Dome

For those of you who claim cheerleaders are not athletes, you clearly have NOT met Rookie Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, Kat. So please allow me to introduce you to a young woman who recently competed in the Olympic Trials and almost secured a spot on the US Olympic Team as a . . . pole vaulter. Yes, you heard me right. Impressive, right? And did I mention that she did not start pole vaulting until after she started college!

She was a cheerleader at Clemson University when the Track & Field coach convinced her to give it a shot since she was such an elite gymnast. He knew she had a background that would translate well into the sport. She later transferred to UGA where she continued to both cheer and pole vault for the Dawgs. And now she has landed herself on the sidelines of the Georgia Dome! Talking about someone {doing it all} . . . let’s find out her secrets on how she does it and take a peak inside her purse for some beauty advice!

Most people don’t realize that many NFL Cheerleaders are required to have a full time job or be a full time student in addition to their cheerleading commitment. The Atlanta Falcons are big on having driven, successful and motivated women with more going on in their life than just shaking pom pons. Tell me about your career and what you love about it.  I am a business analyst for a large hospital/healthcare network in Atlanta and I absolutely LOVE my job. My undergrad degree was in Health Science with a Pre Med concentration. I got my Master of Public Health degree from the University of Georgia with a concentration in healthcare policy and management, so my current job is exactly the field I in which I wanted to be. What I love most about it so far are the people that I work with and how much I am learning. Everyone in my office works with a “team mentality” which I think is important and on top of that, everyone is brilliant and very willing to help teach me about my job and the healthcare industry.



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