Nilsen wins second title in three years with 19-8.25 clearance to rally past reigning champion Kendricks at 19-6.25 (5.95m) and fellow veteran Miller at 19-4.25 (5.90m); 

“It’s getting ridiculous, how high the level is getting on the men’s side, both in the U.S. and the world,” Nilsen said.

So he went higher.

Through 5.85m Friday night, he was third – behind Sam Kendricks and Austin Miller – at the USATF Indoor Championships at Albuquerque Convention Center. Nilsen missed once at 19-4.25 (5.90m), so he passed until 19-6.25 (5.95m). Made that on first attempt, overtaking Miller, and he was off to Glasgow.

Nilsen then made 19-8.25 (6.00m) on his first, securing victory and breaking the indoor nationals record of 19-6.5 (5.96m) held by Lawrence Johnson since 2001.

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