CIF “Cancels” California Track and Field Kids!

“Also, due to the limited number of Sections in Northern California conducting championships, coupled with potential logistical/travel issues, the State CIF will not be hosting State Championships in swim & dive, track & field, and wrestling.” CIF statement 4/28/2021

Why? Why get the kids’ hopes up, the coaches, the families, and the track and field community. Months back we stated our belief that state would not happen and the reason we gave was simple. No school staff, administration, or anyone else would stick around until the weekend before the 4th of July and put on a state track meet.

We were hoping that we were wrong, but when you think about the effort, the staff, and all the inner working of this sized event, we knew back in January that all of us were getting strung along. Whatever the newest reason is, the kids and families are sick. Sick of knowing the fact that two years in a row the children will do without. Four of the ten CIF divisions canceled their post-season months back. Knowing this, many stated that there is no way that state would happen. So why string everyone along with false hope? Let me guess.. wait and see, and hope that things change? On June 26, four of ten divisions canceled and teaching staff preparing for vacation. We all saw it coming but hoped we were wrong all along. Pst… It takes courage. Somebody has to take a stand, have we lost all ability to have courage in this state?

We stopped our training facility for all of May and all of June for CIF Invitationals, and state meets that our athletes could attend. So far, all quality invitationals have been canceled and our kids are left without once again. They were so worried about our private facility marks not counting that they lost sight of why we do all of this in the first place. It’s a sport, it brings people together, it’s for the kids so they have a sense of purpose. Now, some athletes have nothing to show for two years in a row.

We did not want to be open for all of May and June! These meets are very tasking on us and our club, not to mention our new pits and runways that we are trying to preserve for our athletes’ future training. People state that it’s all about money and getting kids in the door at our new facility. But for once, just think about the kids and what it was like when you were in high school. Who else is going to provide, support, and bring the spark back into their eye?

“WE will have a California State Meet at our facility and we will NOT have another moment robbed from the kids.” -Vaulter Magazine

Like so much of the current times, we have to rely on the private sector to make it happen.

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