Clayton Myers’ influence extended beyond football field, city council chambers

GREENFIELD — For those who Clayton Myers coached and taught, it was the little things he did that made the biggest impact.

Myers, who taught high school biology in Greenfield, served eight years on the city council and engineered an extraordinary 15-year football campaign for G-CHS that included a state Class 2A championship in 1973, died Nov. 7 at age 82.

Greenfield Mayor Dick Pasco still remembers one of Myers’ gestures that fairly captured the man.

While pole vaulting as a high school junior, Pasco said his body was beginning to take a beating from falling 12 feet into a pit of sand – especially after a soaking rain.

Myers, who also coached a very successful track program here, took notice one day and rustled up foam scraps to replace the packed sand, which made pole vaulting much more bearable for a vaulter whose knees and ankles were going to mush.

“How many teachers, coaches or individuals would take it upon themselves to do that?” Pasco asked Friday. “For one kid?”

Myers’ son, Dan, can confirm the story and remembers when his dad brought home surplus parachutes, sewed them together and packed them with the foam scraps to make the pole vault pits that Pasco and his teammates wound up landing in.


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