Clearing new heights

WARSAW — When you walk into Mike Auble’s garage at his house in Warsaw, it’s not your typical garage.

On the walls are hanging hundreds of pole vaulting poles of various lengths and styles. Even more, a door on the back wall leads to an addition to the garage, which houses an indoor pole vaulting training facility.

And while the room resembles more of a wrestling practice room that you would see in every high school, this room is the epitome of Auble and his wife’s, Lynn, hard work and passion. Around the tops of the walls hang pennants from colleges of which their former students have attended. The walls are also adorned with motivational material, pictures of present and past members, club records; you name it, it’s there. Among the collection of pole vaulting DVDs there is one that sticks out — Rocky IV — there only for viewing Rocky Balboa’s inspirational training montage in Russia during the winter months.

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