Union City police are looking for some thieves who stole a trailer filled with athletic equipment from Star Track TC – a community track and field team for Fulton County students.

It was stolen while it was parked in the Champions Glen Apartment complex on Oakley Road.

Coach Kelvin Wilson says it would cost more than $10,000 to replace everything, and team leaders just don’t have it.

It took students and parents 5 years to raise the money for what was stolen from them on Oct. 12.

“We were pretty mad because we worked so hard to get the equipment. It was basically an asset to us getting to the Junior Olympics,” said runner Jordan Wilson.

Back in June, someone tried to break into the trailer while it was parked at Banneker High School.

They couldn’t get in, but that’s why Coach Wilson moved it to the apartment complex, where one of the team administrators lives.

Now the team is asking the community to help them replace their stolen stuff, so they can continue to strive for college scholarships.

“Keep in mind how you have kids of your own, and how you want them to thrive in life. It would be nice to give back in return, you’ll get something back,” said Wilson.




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