County pole vault record holder Rachel Baxter, of Orange, to compete with Team USA in Peru

Rachel Baxter has finished her career at Canyon High as one of Orange County’s all-time great pole-vaulters.

But it isn’t the county and state records the Orange resident has broken over her illustrious four years that keeps her going.

“I’m kind of a daredevil,” said Baxter, whose background in gymnastics, a sport she competed in until sophomore year, helped her thrive in pole vault.

“I love flying through the air and getting over those bars, (that’s) what’s really rewarding to me. That’s why I stick with it,” Baxter said. “You always want to be the best you can be. There’s really no limit for pole vault. Gymnastics, you can get a 10, you can be perfect. But with pole vault, you can always go higher. That’s really what I’m aiming for.”

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