Aussie runner Keith Bateman told me in 2010 that his short-term M55 goals were “world records for 1500, mile, 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000! Ambitious or what! :-)” Well, yeah. But he did it! In coming months, he set WRs in all five races. (See times below.) Now he’s come out with a book that aims to share his secrets — mainly avoid overstriding. That’s not a revelation, but he certainly has street cred for saying it. “Older Yet Faster” is just out. The website says: “Based on Keith’s highly successful technique-change sessions, this book deals with a runner’s number one enemy, over-striding. It shows what it is, what damage it causes, and how to fix it so you can run smoother, faster, and further.” Meanwhile, Margaret Webb is continuing to promote her book, “Older Faster Stronger.“ The video below shows W75 Christa Bortignon and other older superstars. Makes me want to write a parody called “Older Slower Sillier.”

Here are Keith’s outdoor records:

M 55 4:12.35 Keith Bateman AUS 56 15.07.11 Sacramento, USA
M 55 4:35.04 Keith Bateman AUS 55 18.12.10 Sydney, AUS

M 55 8:56.80 Keith Bateman AUS 55 13.11.10 Sydney, AUS

M 55 15:29.7 Keith Bateman AUS 55 05.01.11 Blacktown, AUS

M 55 31:51.86 Keith Bateman AUS 55 26.03.11 Sydney, AUS



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