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In the midst of all the summer fun, the fall is rapidly making its way here. This can be exciting for most, but it can also be a bit concerning some. Figuring out who you are and where you want to be in life is not always easy- especially for those who have finished school and need to find a career path. If you have never heard of the “gap year” before, we have an article this month that will be very enlightening for you. Whether you know exactly where you are headed or are still not sure where life will take you, a “gap year” might be just what you need. Don’t miss reading all about it, you won’t be sorry.

Bubba also chimes in on the issue of choices. Summer doesn’t just leave us wondering about the future, but about what we will do right now. How many athletes ask every year if they want to take the summer off or keep training? Probably quite a few do this. For most, they might not want the training to stop, but they need to find out what to do to keep in shape. Well Mr. Sparks has a wonderful article, you should not miss, that could help you sort this summer confusion out, no matter where you stand.

This mid-summer issue also brings one of the most inspiring stories we have ever featured. Lacey Henderson is a young vaulter with a story you won’t believe. She has beaten tremendous odds and overcome losing a leg as a very young girl to become a great vaulter. Henderson resides and goes to school in Colorado and has an upbeat personality that is even contagious in her written interview. There is no doubt this article will leave you ready to face whatever is going on in your own journey.

Another treat for us this month is an even more in-depth look behind the heights our featured athletes are reaching. They tell us in their interviews all the time that they do not reach their accomplishments alone, but we now have an article dedicated only to what it’s like to coach one of the greats. Philippe D’Encausse, coach to the amazing Renaud Lavillenie, is our pick- and with good reason. Please enjoy learning about D’Encausse’s models, training, techniques and more. This is your chance to see how one of the greats does it and learn something valuable to take with you in your own training.

Enjoy what is left of the summer. Keep reading as we move into fall. We will have more enlightening and entertaining reading for you as usual. Thank you again for your time and we will see you very soon. Take care!

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Philippe D'encausse
Philippe D’encausse


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