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Happy holidays, once again, from Vaulter Magazine. As 2013 is coming to a close, we have more great stories to share with you and keep you motivated this holiday season.
Our college consultant, Penny Hanson, has brought us a great, information-filled article about the next step in applying to college- the financial aid. Figuring out how to pay for college is an important process for any student seeking higher education. It is our hope Penny’s article can ease some anxiety and answer important questions.
Bubba has also brought to light another great discussion to keep us learning. This month he discusses the use of bungees. Whether or not you like the use of bungees, you will want to read what he has to say. It is great food for thought on the subject. Don’t miss it.
Fans of the show X Factor are in for a great treat this month. Andrew Scholz, as many of you may know from the group on X Factor called Restless Road, is a pole vaulter as well as a singer and he is featured this month. Scholz’s story about his experiences in vaulting and competing on TV is a must read. We know that his account of the loyalty of his team, friends, and family will touch all of your hearts as well. Please make sure to catch this endearing story.
Coach McDaniel of Atlee High School has done great things with his young team. He uses a more inclusive approach in choosing his vaulters and it is paying off. Coach McDaniel gives all vaulters a chance to prove themselves as he takes the philosophy that you can’t judge a vaulter by their current performance alone. The Atlee Raiders are making themselves known and we hope you will enjoy their story as well.
Our cover features the University of Washington. Coach Licari and his team have turned out Olympians and many successful and elite vaulters. They have a very impressive training program and vault team, and this year has been exciting for them. Make sure to catch this one. We know you will love it.
Thank you for letting us keep you company over the holiday season. 2014 brings many more exciting and informative stories. Hope you see you next year.

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Front Cover Dec Vaulter Magazine
Front Cover Dec Vaulter Magazine

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