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Merry Christmas, everyone! 2014 is almost over, and you know what that means: the 2015 indoor season is almost here! For our last 2014 issue, we have some great articles to share with you.

For all the middle school vaulters and their parents, Penny Hanson has written an insightful article on the importance of the middle school years. Though middle school grades do not affect your college applications, they do prepare you for high school, which in turn prepares you for college. How so? Take a look at her suggestions, they are worth your time to read!

For all of our Master Pole Vault readers, Vaulter Magazine has interviewed masters vaulter Don Curry. In this article, Curry tells us all about his vaulting—how he started, the injuries he overcame, and the fun of vaulting in the masters group. This man grew up with Bubba Sparks, and he has the same amount of spunk! Whether you are a masters vaulter or not, this is an enjoyable article to read.

Who is still in a mental rut and can’t get out of it? Or, who has an athlete who is in a mental rut and doesn’t know how to help them? Dolf Berle has written a fabulous article on mental barriers. Yes, vaulters need encouragement to get out of that dreaded mental rut, but encouragement can only go so far. This article teaches vaulters and coaches how to change the vaulter’s mindset in order to succeed. Read this article! Even if you are not having trouble right now, the information in this article will be great to know!

One of the greatest things about Christmas time is the wonderful food! The home-cooked meals, the cookies, and all the other sweets are so hard to resist! But remember, you are still in season. Sadie Lovett wrote you an article with suggestions on how to stay healthy and not gorge yourselves with holiday food. Some elite vaulters and coaches have also given you suggestions on how to stay focused on the upcoming indoor season, but at the same time enjoy your stay at home with your family. So put down that cookie and see what you can do to stay focused by reading “’Tis The Season.”

Our featured article this month is the Illinois Wesleyan University Titans. Coach Jeremy Weir has prepared this division 3 vault crew for the upcoming seasons by having these vaulters work hard all preseason. Their team has a great story that you will want to read, and a great coach you will want to know about. This team is also welcoming new coach Jon Blome. New and exciting things are in store for this vault crew! Jump on over to this article, you will love it!

Once again, we are happy to have you as a reader during your holiday season. Catch you next month with more stories, and enjoy your time with family and friends. See you next year!

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